Monday, November 28, 2011

I Love Monday!


Mondays ~  a start to a new week & I just love them ~ time to reflect on the weekend spent with Family, and to start planning for the week ahead ~ a day to relax from all the business associated with the weekend ~ a change in pace.

With December fast approaching I find myself thinking about Christmas ~ are you ready?  I have gone up to the attic to see what I will need this year for decorating ~ made my list of what I need to purchase to complete my decorating & am ready to head out to the store.

We put up some more lights this past weekend and found out that we need a few more extension cords... I bought & light & sound system for outside this year ~ you know the kind that plays music & the lights all flash at different times in the song... I am soooo excited for December 1st as that is the night I will have it ready to start (the neighbours have had a couple of nights preview on what we are doing... )

I am also finishing up my Christmas cards to go in the mail this weekend ~ have you received any Christmas cards in the mail yet?  I just LOVE getting cards in the mail ~ call me old fashioned ~ don't you think it is nice to get something in the mail... other thatn bills?

Some of the cards we created at one of the workshops last Christmas... You didn't think I was going to show you what you will be getting in the mail this year, did you?
There is lots going on in the stamping & papercrafting world!  Preparing gifts for friends & family, Christmas cards, and Christmas parties...

Memories of Last Christmas Preparations:
Rolling out the cookie dough

 Grandbaby Boy (not a baby anymore) putting sprinkles on the cookies

Yes... It is true ~ My parents are Mr & Mrs Santa Claus!

We made nuts & Bolts  ~ Grandbaby boy helping with the stirring process!

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